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Global CVD Infobase

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March 03, 2006



We are scientists including physicians, epidemiologists, and other allied health care workers concerned in particular about the decline in heart health in developing countries around the world. Supported by the Surveillance Division, Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control, Public Health Agency of Canada. We are an official World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Surveillance of Cardiovascular Diseases. We are committed to the development and maintenance of an accurate database of current epidemiological data describing each country's demographic profile, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease mortality, morbidity, risk factors, and related health services.



Global Cardiovascular Infobase ( http://www.cvdinfobase.ca )
WHO Collaborating Centre on Surveillance of Cardiovascular Diseases,
Surveillance and Risk Assessment Division, CCDPC, Public Health Agency of Canada
The Ottawa Hospital, University of Ottawa
Ottawa, CANADA
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