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Global CVD Infobase

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March 03, 2006


Presently we are constructing a computerized database of country profiles that include the most recent data on demographics, cardiovascular mortality, morbidity, risk factors, and the organization and provision of related health services. Our priority with the data is to describe the situation on a national level. Where data are available on a provincial/state or local level they are included secondarily. The source for each data item is identified and relevant comments, particularly concerning methodology, are also included.

We are not in a position to assure the accuracy of each data item. We anticipate that authorities, especially in each respective country will advise us of necessary corrections or additions.

We do not conduct surveys to collect data, nor draw any inferences or conclusions from the data. One of our goals is to stimulate surveillance in countries or provinces/states that currently do not have cardiovascular epidemiologic data.

Although our priority is to present the most recent data available, we hope to continue to build the database thereby permitting the display of multi-year trends. We are also developing a thematic mapping display of the data. Any ideas for improvement as well as for future development will be appreciated.


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