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Global CVD Infobase

CVD Infobase (old version)

Last infobase updated:
March 03, 2006


New layout provides easier and faster access

The database in Global Cardiovascular Infobase has been upgraded to Microsoft SQL Server. Along with a redesigned user interface, access to CVD Infobase is now faster and easier.

Several new features have been added to Infobase: an international data comparisons with data table and detailed sources, mortality trends with a choice of standard populations and time periods, age-specific and birth cohort mortality trends and, country profiles with proportional mortality charts. We hope these features will meet our users’ needs. Since each country has a different availability of data, in Infobase, depending on which country is selected, only the available data will be listed in the menu of variables.

Data update

Demographics and mortality data have been updated to the most current available year. The major data sources are United Nations World Development Indicators, FAOSTAT database and, WHO mortality database. We will continue to update our dataset as new data become available.

Risk factors data have been temporary removed from our new version of CVD Infobase. You can access the most up to date risk factor data from WHO Global Infobase. You can also access data from our old version of CVD Infobase, which will keep running for the next few months.

CVDInfobase has a new URL

We now have a new URL. It is www.cvdinfobase.ca (.com also works). We hope that access to our site will be more reliable from now on. Anyone using the previous URL will be automatically redirected.

Due to the problems we encountered in the past few weeks, some correspondence may have been lost. Please resend any mail to which you have not received a reply.

All correspondence can now be sent to infobase@uottawa.ca.

Thank you for your understanding and on-going interest in CVDInfobase.

CVDInfobase on a new footing

We are pleased to announce that with support from Public Health Agency of Canada, we have been able to increase our staff. This will allow us to update our country information and introduce some enhancements to the data display.


We receive many inquiries about a wide range of topics, some remotely related to cardiovascular diseases. Please note that we are not able to respond to all requests.

We are still very much interested in receiving updates, additions and corrections to the data.


Thank you for your ongoing interest and support.


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